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Magola has also been the subject of countless interviews and has had his photo on the front page of the world-renowned magazine for paranormal phenomenon’s: Encounters.




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The authors’ rare gift is also well known to the public through television. Together with Uri Geller, the most celebrated paranormalist on the planet, he took part in a live show for the British ITV on the subject of paranormal phenomenon. That show had over 13 million viewers in the UK alone, TV shows with Magola have also been broadcast by SF1 and Telebasel (Switzerland), RTL (Luxemburg) and PRO7 (Germany) among others.

You can see the following TV clips.

(Although the Telebasel amd PRO7 are in German, the movie speaks for itself)


TV clips

British ITV (22MB!)

Telebasel (Switzerland) (5MB)

PRO7 (Germany) (7MB)



Briefly said, he has successfully demonstrated his authenticity to the world.


And yet, as is clearly seen in the book, the author does not give this worldwide attention much importance. His passion is for the scientific investigation into such abilities and the widespread acceptance of them. Therefore he sometimes accepts offers from showbiz’s to give both attractive and serious demonstrations. His ultimate goal is revealed to the reader and it shows the originality of the author on the world stage of strange phenomenon.


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